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Wire rope terminology


The Glossary of Terms relating to Wire ropes are covered in the Indian Standard IS 2363 : 1977 ‘ Glossary of Terms relating to wire ropes ( first revision)’. The IS 6594:2001 ‘Technical Supply Conditions for Steel Wire ropes and Strands ( Second Revision)’ is an important adjunct to this manual. Construction and Technical Requirements.

Wire rope is used for crane ropes, mooring lines, drill lines, hoist ropes, drag lines, and boom lines to name a few applications. Wire rope is stranded, helically laid, and formed using wire rope manufacturing machines, and is designed to perform in specific applications on all types of equipment. Offering a number of wire rope choices, Bishop.

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A rope or textile structure formed by a braiding process. v. The intertwining of strands in a braiding process to produce a rope structure. BRAID, DOUBLE: A rope constructed from an.

Sep 06, 2018 · General purpose rope. Available in a variety of sizes, diameters, and strengths, general purpose rope offers great flexibility and wear resistance. It is commonly found throughout a host of industries and can be used with a diverse range of equipment and machines. A 6 x 26 rope is the most popular option within the 6 x 19 classification due to ....

Wire rope is made of steel or other metal alloys. Ropes have been constructed of other fibrous materials such as silk, wool, ... Terminology "Rope" is a material, and a tool. When it is assigned a specific function it is often referred to as a "line", especially in nautical usage. A line may get a further distinction, for example sail control.

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