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Unsolved cold cases

At present, we are posting unsolved homicide cases, missing persons cases and unidentified individual cases worked by the SBI along with our local and federal partners. This is not a.

18. And the murder of Arlis Perry. Perry was a student at Stanford when one night in October 1974, she got into a small argument with her husband, and the next morning she was found in a church.

Homicides Unsolved S&J’s mission is to raise public awareness of cold cases through researching, analyzing and sharing information on various platforms. Select homicide victims from Texas and Louisiana are featured below, in random order. If you have information on any cold case featured, I encourage you to contact law enforcement directly..

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Eric never recovered from his injuries, and he eventually died on April 6, 2009, from complications related to the shooting. The Jackson County Medical Examiner ruled Eric's death a homicide on January 14, 2010. Anyone with information that can help solve this case is asked to call the Cold Case Squad at 816-234-5136.

Unsolved Case Files will let you find out once and for all whether you're as good as the detectives on TV. SOLVE 3 MYSTERIES TO CRACK THE CASE - In order to solve this cold case murder mystery game you'll need to find 3 separate clues that crack open the case .First prove why the convicted man must be innocent.

13 Unsolved: Cold case murders news stories - get the latest updates from ABC13. On April 14, 2005, Carolina Tejeda found her parents, Luz and Antonio Rodriguez, beaten and strangled inside their. This is John Carroll and Lou Wilson, we’re the inventors and founders of.

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