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That causes Levi to lift his head up looking at you , his face serious as always. ”was the best choice.“ You add looking at nowhere in the wall across of you . • Levi is looking at you with a raised eyebrow, the sound of him taking a sip from his cup at the same time is audible..

But Levi heard me clearly. "You three, get back to work. I'll deal with (Y/N)" He says calmly. "I'm sorry Caption." I say before he stops me. "It's fine. Stay here." He says before going to open the door. I unintentionally grab his arm. "Stay here." He orders. He opens the door and closes it behind him. Share. Flag. Previous 10. Back to top. Collapse.

After she changes and does her morning routine, she goes to the mess hall for a late breakfast. It's strange for her to see it so empty in the HQ, when normally, there's soldiers around every corner. She gets herself some bread and tea and by the time she sits down, her Captain walks in. "Morning, 'Cap." She greets..

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The answers didn't matter. They were dead. A strangled noise escaped your throat. You clasped a hand over your mouth, another sound creeping its way up. Water soaked your cheeks. It was like someone had.

For love. Pairing: Levi x Elf!Reader. Genre: Alternative AU, fluff, romance, married life, couple, five kids, mention of past hurt/abuse but reader is now safe, scars, rebellious teen, coming to an.

Jan 06, 2018 · My Alpha ~ Levi x Reader. [COMPLETED] " (Y/N), after everything we've been through, I have become certain of one thing. I love you. Having to stay away from you for so long only made me realize how much I want you to be by my side." I gazed at his beautiful eyes, watching as tears pooled around the edges. "Levi..." "I want to be with you..

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