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You will meet the "dual monitor not working on Windows 11" issue if you have incompatible, corrupt, missing, or outdated drivers. To solve the issue, you need to update the driver. Step 1: Open the Run box and type devmgmt.msc.

Step 2: Check Wake on LAN. Search for and select Control Panel. Select View by: Small icons. Select Network and Sharing Center, Change adapter settings (left side of the page). Right-click the active network connection. Select Properties -> Configure -> Advanced, then look for WOL or Wake on LAN and disable the option. Dec 08, 2020 · Turn off all peripheral devices connected to the Turn off the computer. Remove the AC power cord from the Remove the computer’s Gently spread the retaining clips at each end of the SO-DIMM The SO-DIMM pops out of the socket. Hold the SO-DIMM by the edges, lift it away from the socket, and store it in an anti-static. intel nuc sometimes does not bring screen back. Running windows 10. and some time my intel nuc has a 10 minutes timeout to turn off the monitor. about 90% of the time if I hit a key or tap the mouse the screen will turn on. there is about 10% of the time that the screen will not turn on and I need to power cycle the nuc..


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Looked at various remedies on the web, "push and hold menu button to 20sec", "turn power off and unplug, hold power button for 60 sec, reconnect power, reset factory default none worked; The HP My Display only seems to run in the advanced setting, when I click on the Basic button it is greyed out with a red circle.

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To configure Fit to TV, choose the "Fit To TV" option from the DisplayLink GUI. The following interface appears: You will also see a red border on the DisplayLink screen. The red border shows the size of the new Windows desktop. Use the "+" and "-" controls on the Fit to TV GUI to change the size of the red border until it fits on the TV screen.

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