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My dog was bitten by another dog and is swelling

See the MuzzleDogs sub, they’re super nice. Your dog needs to be muzzled any time other dogs could be around. You’ll need to cooperate if animal control contacts you, and update your home insurance that your dog now has a bite history. A vet behaviorist could be beneficial, but most of the work will you be managing your dog so they don’t.

If your dog gets bitten by a Copperhead, the most important thing is to get him to a vet as soon as possible. The reaction and treatment time can have a big impact on how quickly, and well, your dog recovers. Remember to stay calm and to try to keep your dog calm, and always have an animal hospital on call. About the Author: Jesse is a wildlife. Just flush the area well with anti bacterial soap or anti septic wash, or if you really stuck cooled boiled water with dissolved salt in it. If its not broken the skin and bleeding then the bacteria wont have got into it, but just washing it as above should make sure. You will likely get a bruise come out but it should be fine. Apr 19, 2011 · Once the wounds are as clean as possible warm compress them with a washcloth with very warm water on it for 10 minutes, then clean away any drainage with warm soapy water, then warm water and dry them well. Apply antibacterial ointment like triple antibiotic or Polysporin to all the wounds. Flush his eye with sterile saline several times a day..

Clean the Dog Bite Wound. When you find a wound, flush it with slightly soapy water. Gently running water is best if possible, or wet a washcloth and then squeeze the water out onto the bite. Sterile saline is another great option if you have it available.

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