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When I Come Around (JJ Maybank x Reader ) anon request: "hi!! i loveddd 'uncertainty' it was so good 梁. i was wondering if you could write something along the lines of the reader and jj getting in a fight and breaking up, but with a happy ending. also i was thinking like two lines from a prompt list, "how can we fix this" and.

Sep 22, 2021 · It was like the grin on John B's face was stuck there, the high from JJ's agreement not fading anytime soon. "Yeah— yeah, whatever man. Do whatever you gotta do. I will get you that money!" JJrolled his eyes but couldn't stop his own smile as he left, holding his hand up in parting. "Don't make me regret this!"-. crocodile x reader.

Aug 19, 2021 · JJ Maybank x reader. one shot, fluff, a bit angsty. warnings: mentions of s/h and su*cidal thoughts. I'm really in love with jj right now, but i'll get back to haikyuu/ anime fanfiction soon i swear! Hope you guys enjoy, if so i have other fanfics (haikyuu and another of jj!) and consider dropping a like <3. "/>.

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Haven (JJ Maybank) Wilhemina Thornton is the kook princess of Figure 8. Perfect brother, perfect best friend, and perfect boyfriend - Rafe Cameron. Will thinks she loves her life and has everything she could possibly want... until meeting JJ Maybank. The only person to make her truly live in the way she never was allo. Rafe was now on top of JJ, punching him multiple times. "Rafe stop!". You yelled, trying to grab his arm. Sarah and John B ran over to you guys. Sarah tried grabbing Rafe to stop him too. John B managed to get Rafe off of JJ, pushing him back. Rafe went to go back for more, but you jumped in front of him. "Stop!".

Request: "Can you please do JJ Maybank x bimbo reader" (Anonymous) Warnings: Kissing. Reader is an airhead. No beta read. JJ's plan was simple, in and out. All he had to do was distract the store clerk, pocket the goods, and walk away. ... JJ remembered a pair of earrings that Y/N had wanted ever since she saw some kook wearing them.

Rudy Pankow x reader. (Y/N) (Y/L/N) is another cast member of Outer Banks. She plays John B's twin sister who is JJ's love interest. The entire cast of Outer Banks has gotten very close. (Y/N) starts to fall for a certain co-star who just so happens to do the same. Please try and tell me if there are any mistakes, I'd like to fix them I'm gonna.

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