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Getrag 240 vs 250

The Getrag 260 has a 96 mm BCD output flange on late 325e (6/86+) The Getrag 250 has a 78 mm BCD output flange The ZF 310 and 320 both have a 96 mm BCD output flange Driveshaft bolt holes: All E36 driveshafts have 12 mm bolt holes. The E30 M3 driveshaft has 12 mm bolt holes. All non-M E30 driveshafts have 10 mm bolt holes.

In any event, Ford jumped into the Getrag deep end of the pool, buying the MT82 six-speed. This unit is found in Mustangs with both 3.7-liter V -6 and 302 four-valve “Boss” V -8 engines. The MT82 has six forward speeds and one reverse speed, with all speed gears in constant mesh. The cases are aluminum, with the main case having an integral. GETRAG 245 240 BMW E3 E9 E12 E21 5 SPEED GETRIEBE GEARBOX Photos not available for this variation Condition: Used Ended: 10 Aug, 202202:53:49 AEST Price: US $1,330.13 Approximately AU $1,974.07(including postage). Bmw 1983 1984 1985 318i 320i Getrag 240 5-speed Manual Transmission. Bmw Getrag 240 5-speed Manual Transmission. The Transmission In Good Working Condition. The Transmission Has No Leaks Between The Casings. There Are No Cracks In The Aluminum Casing. The Threads For The Fill And Drain Plugs Are In Good Shape And Are Not Stripped..

Jul 18, 2012 · The Getrag 250 also requires a matching clutch slave cylinder (the clutch slave cylinder from the Getrag 240 does not fit on the Getrag 250). Once I had the transmission running, I quickly....

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The T-56 Magnum uses a 26-spline input and a 31-spline output, but the F-body T-56 uses a 26-spline input shaft and a 27-spline output shaft — the same spline count and diameter as the AR5 The swap requires a custom fabricated cross member and transfer case shifter brackets When originally coupled to the 700R / 4L60 / 4L60E the NP208 / 241 featured a 27 spline female input..

Best way to check is to test out the shift pattern, just keep in mind this is mirrored if the complete switcher mechanism is missing so reverse gear can easily be mistaken for 5th gear you won't be the first to take a 4 speed home for way too much money! This gearbox appears to be numbered 240..0266.90. Short rear end with speedo drive.

I have been researching my options and the differences between Getrag gearboxes (IE: 220, 240, 250, 260) online and it is confusing. I believe I need a late model 240 for my car.

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