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Commscope ac adapter no green light

I just acquired this AC adapter and quickly realized the LED indicator on the unit would not light up when plugged in. I removed the case for power supply, did some wiggling and when I plugged it back in the LED indicator came on. After doing this, I attempted to plug it into the PC. Shortly thereafter the LED went off again.

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Green light on AC adapter turns off when i plug into my emachine d620 laptop 0 J jarotech Dignified Oct 13, 2012 3,296 2 16,810 579 May 9, 2017 #2 Hi, your adapter is somehow defective, or you have a short-circuit on the motherboard. Replace your adapter 0.

Up for sale is one piece ofCOMMSCOPE AC ADAPTORS and the item is in great working condition. COMMSCOPE AC ADAPTOR - Coax RF Amplifier Power Adapter Model: AD48-1500500DU | eBay Skip to main content.

I have a MacBook 2.0 black that just the other day would not show a green light on the power adapter. I have 2 batteries that I have not had any problems with. The battery icon.

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