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Bts reaction to seeing you with someone else

When he saw you with another man he would get angry and walk out of the party leaving you behind. When you caught up to him and explained, he would understand and forgive you. Suga: When he woke up in his friends room and realized you weren't next to him, he would freak out.

Feb 17, 2017 · Without a clear idea of what he’s doing, Yoongi pushes himself away from the bar, ploughing through the swarm of sweaty bodies, and thudding a heavy hand into the man’s chest. “Hey, keep your hands off what doesn’t belong to you,” he snarls. The man stumbles back, gives Yoongi a once over, and decides it’s not worth it..

BTS as an barber 🤣👇https://youtu.be/FFz6-JUbSx0BTS reaction when they caught you flirting with someone else 😂👇https://youtu.be/IRLn9OOaXLIBTS reaction wh.

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. Dec 24, 2017 · First he didn’t react to your new self with glasses, but then he got the clue, staring at you blankly. Curious, he sat down right next to you and looked at you for a few more moments until he silently took your glasses and put them on himself, trying to make you laugh. “Jagi! Look at meee! Am I not cute? Tell me! Tell me!.

BTS Reaction to accidentally kissing you.BTS Reaction to seeing another idol flirting with you.BTS reaction to their s/o having bruises on their arm.BTS Reaction to realising that they.

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